We understand that, for working adults in today’s economy, time and money are two very limited resources. And, as is the case on many occasions, some working adults have the time to give but not the money or have money to give but not the time.

For those who have money to give but not the time, we ask that you please make a charitable donation of much-needed money, educational and teaching materials, child care supplies, cleaning materials, and other supplies to Garner Road.

For those who have time to give but not money, we ask that you volunteer with Garner Road.

And, for those who can spare both time and money, we implore you to share both with Garner Road.

We appreciate all of your efforts in helping us to be a resource for the community’s children, and we thank you in advance.


Our volunteer opportunities are perfect for high school students aspiring to become future educators, who need work experience, or need community-service and tutoring hours for college applications.

Opportunities are also ideal for college students majoring in math and science (engineering, statistics, biology), education (elementary education, middle school education), and the social sciences (social work, sociology, psychology), who need work experience, case studies, or to fulfill research requirements as they pertain to working with children.

Volunteering is a win-win situation for everyone involved, especially our children. Whether you are a working adult, college student, or high school student, let’s come together as a village on behalf of our children to teach them all that we can, to show them that they have our endless support, and to teach them (by example) how to reach back and to give back.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, please contact us.