Victor Frankenstein’s science experiment was very much a part of his home life, and though you and your kids should not spark a monster to life, you can bring science to your home too.┬áThese three demonstrations require few materials and the procedures are easy.
Source: Bone Bending with Science Bob

Subject: Chemistry

Lesson: They’re alive! Bone tissue lives and grows inside of us–chickens too. Bones are made up of bendy collagen and hard calcium-phosphate. The mild acid in vinegar dissolves the calcium, leaving the collagen free to bend by your hands.


Source: Lightning Life Savers with Discovery Kids

Subject: Chemistry

Lesson: Sugar stores chemical energy in the bonds that hold it together. With crushing, or crunching with your teeth, the energy as electricity excites nitrogen molecules in the air that emit light. (Although our eyes can’t always see the type of light made.)


Source: Building Blocks with Science Kids

Subject: Physics

Lesson: Science follows rules just like people do. In physics, there is a rule called The Law of Conservation of Mass. Mass is the amount of matter that an object, such as a stack of blocks, contains. Matter can’t be created or destroyed, so the mass you start with in a stack of blocks is the same you end with when the stack is taken apart.

Simple Science Lessons
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